Cryosleep for Android - entrain your brain

I have a fascination with brainwaves and the idea that an external impulse can modify the carrier wave of your EEG. Obviously, this is not far fetched (a fist in your face will affect your behavior as well), but that an appropriate sound, or LEDs blinking at the right frequency, have the ability to systemically affect the working of your brain fascinates me.

Of course, when I looked around for brainwave generators, I found very few useful programs, mainly because the generation of a binaural beat (as they are called), requires the generation of two frequencies. One at, for instance 440 Hz, which is played in the left ear, and one at 444 Hz, which is then played in the right ear. If those two waves were superimposed directly one would here a 4Hz beating. Because the waves are presented individually to each ear, the brain must process the difference (or that is the theory at least) and will thus start working at 4 Hz. Each ear will however hear a single tone, without observing the 4Hz beating. That is also the reason one should use headphones when listening to binaural beats.

Of course, who wants to listen to a pure tone at 440 Hz ? I don't, and I cannot believe that such a dry tone would be the most efficient method to synchronize the brain. Consequently, I made a number of programs that should offer the better brainwave.

The program can be obtained from the google play store.

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